Using AI to write content in 2020 – business and students alike.


Yes. Have you ever needed to write content by struggled? Do you have to give a speech in front of an audience, or do you have to write a school paper? If you answer yes to either of these questions, you probably find yourself in the middle of a frustrating and confusing essay writing experience.

Second, how will I be able to write an essay that is interesting and well-written? Third, how will I write an essay that I can write in a minimum amount of time? Fourth, how will I be able to write an essay that is written so that my audience can understand it? Fifth, how will I be able to write an essay that will be easy for me to revise and edit once I have finished it?

You need to be able to write an essay so that you can answer these questions. The easiest way to accomplish this is to make use of essay content automation tools.



Manual Content Making Method

Essay writing is a difficult task, especially for those who are not familiar with the writing format. It requires knowledge about the subject matter and the different formats used in writing the essay. If you can use the essay writing form as a useful tool in your field, you can be sure that you’re academic.


The New Content Making Method

AI content writing software is the latest creation of technology and computer-generated content writers. This is a new and better way to write as there are not too many mistakes that will be there in your content, and you can be sure that there will be no errors when it is submitted to the web sites.

There is a big difference between an essay that is made using this software and an essay using traditional essay writing methods. With this new technology, the article writing process can be a lot easier for the writer, and that is why many people are using it.

If you are a person who does not have any writing experience and is trying to make a career in the field of writing, then this might be something that you can use for your benefit.

You might want to consider using this technology in your business as more companies are looking for people who can write useful articles and give them the content they want to have.


How dose it actually work?

Many people do not know how AI content generators work. In the past, the only way a writer could create quality content was to hire a writer, pay the writer, and let the content spin and repurpose it for different uses, such as in the form of blogs, articles, eBooks, and blogs, and other forms of content.

However, the development of more advanced software tools has made it possible for writers to create quality content for their clients without the help of another human being.

Once the material is spun, it can be used in various ways by anyone who wishes to repurpose the information.

Once this is done, the writer does not have to write another article to spin the information anymore because the content is all they have to do is keep repurposing the information. For example, if a writer was looking to create content for an academic journal, they could spin the information and submit it to the journal.

All English sentences are already spun words. This system allows the content AI software creator just to continue repurposing the data and making money from it.


11 Steps to PBN Content Creation using AI

1 -Create an outline of the content required for PBN.

  • Define the primary topic for the website
  • define primary article topics (long articles sticky on the homepage with client links)
  • and define topics for supporting articles.

Outline the article by creating a title and subheadings for each section. Also, add intro and conclusion.



Title: How to write a fast essay using automation



The usual/manual method

The automatic method

How the software works




2 – Create keywords for AI

  • Under the subheadings for each section of the article and add a primary topic keyword followed by subtopic keywords.




How to write a fast essay using automation



Keywords: write an essay, introduction to essay writing, essay content automation, compute generated content



The usual/manual method

essay writing, essay research takes time, writing essay content requires knowledge, typing is time-consuming


The automatic method

computer-generated content, AI content writing, content spinning, essay writing


How the software works

How AI content generators work, ai content explains, web scraping, content spinning



Essay writing, How to write a fast essay using automation, my conclusion of How to write a fast essay, my summary of essay writing using automation


3 – Genrate content

  • Login to Article Forge
  • Generate articles of 200 or 500 words for each section using the keywords.
  • Copy content into documents under their respective heading.


4 – Quick Read an Edit

  • Remove the section of content that is irrelevant or repetitive.


5 – Content Depth Research.

  • Research topic and Curate Links
  • Curate new content section/s
  • Related keywords / semantic list


New Resources

  • Lists
  • Links
  • Data
  • Quotes
  • Images / video / media
  • FAQ’s from Google
  • Guides




Topic: how AI writers work

Add links:



New Resources :

  • 3 Faq’s from google
  • This How-to Guide Your Reading


Related keywords:

  • Natural Language Processing



6 – Add curated text to an article

  • Copy a few faqs from Google that includes the related keywords.
  • Copy other text – either site or reword later.



7 – Grammarly

  • Fix Errors:
  • Edit
  • Reword curated text using the plagiarism function.
  • Cite curated text using the plagiarism function.
  • Proofread and heavy copy edits.
  • Edit headings and titles.
  • Make sure it makes scents.



9 – Add links

  • Link to resources. Authority, helpful link profile.


10 – Further Edits


  • Download to word file
  • Copy and past into WordPress (visual mode) and save as draft.
  • Add images and media embeds.


10 – Schedule

  • Schedule WordPress draft for publication.


11 – create supporting articles & schedule

x 3 for each primary = 9 articles the quicker way (2 hrs)


  • Use related keywords to generate article content. 500-750 words. Find and add at least one URL source on the topic. Upload to Grammarly and assign it to a cheap offshore editor to make edits.
  • Add a quote from a source and cite it with a link.
  • Remove off-topic and repetitive blocks.
  • Format and upload to WP. Add images, links, and schedules on approval.


AI Content FAQ’s

Can AI write a story?

Artificial intelligence can now write fiction and journalism. … The dream, or nightmare, of totally machine-generated prose, seemed to have come one step closer with the recent announcement of artificial intelligence that could produce, all by itself, plausible news stories or fiction.

Source: The rise of robot authors: is the writing on the wall


How do I make an AI in Python?

If you want to create artificial intelligence chatbots in Python, you’ll need the AIML package (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). First of all, create a standard startup file with one pattern—load aiml b. Add random responses that make a dialog interesting.


Can AI replace human writers?

Many of today’s workers worry that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will replace their jobs, leaving them out in the cold while robots take over the world. Analyst firm Forrester predicts that AI will replace 16% of jobs in the United States by 2025. …

Source : Why Writers Will Never Be Replaced by AI.




How to write a fast essay using automation, my conclusion on essay writing software, writing using automation, essay writing



This is an example of essay writing using automation. If you want to write essays with this method, I suggest you follow the steps.

Learning how to write an essay is a bit difficult because many courses teach the basic principles, but don’t teach you how to write an essay effectively.

My Conclusion of How to write a fast essay using automation, I recommend that you look for essay writing software with a vocabulary. The vocabulary will make it easier for you to understand the essay.

I have been writing essays for over ten years, and I have seen many students struggle with the essay writing process. I also see many people who have learned the right tips and techniques and can write excellent essays every time.

Writing is a skill, and not everyone is cut out to write an essay. However, if you have the right tips, you will be able to write the best essays that anyone has ever written.

Now that you know how to write an essay, it is time to start writing your first essay. I hope that you will enjoy it.