About Hot Shoe Trends

Shoes are everywhere and with every new fashion season, men and women are curious to see what types of shoes they should be on the hunt for in order to compliment their fashion-forward outfits. Luckily, there have been an array of different types of footwear to accommodate anyone’s style.


The first type of footwear to look out for this year is a nice pair of flats. Flats were everywhere on the runway in Paris and not only are they comfortable, but they’re also fashionable and practical. You can buy flats made from a particular type of material such as suede and that are a neutral color, or you can even choose more decorative flats that really make a statement. Regardless, they are easy to pair with anything.

Futuristic Prints

From Alexander Wang to Fendi, the year of futuristic footwear is finally here. With the combination of brilliant colors, outstanding geometric prints, and the most modern of elements, these pairs of shoes are perfect for people that really want to make a statement. They are purely one-of-a-kind and unique styles.

Gladiator Shoes

With the huge popularity of gladiator sandals a couple of years ago, people were disappointed when the trend began to fade. This spring, look out for gladiator shoes as they have been worn on the runway by models for Alexander McQueen and even Chloe. The gladiator sandals are coming back with a vengeance as they are not taller than ever before and in both flats and heeled versions.

Mule Kicks

If you’re interested in channeling your inner 90’s, Mule kicks are also coming back into style. They are perfect for minimalistic outfits for wearers that are looking to incorporate the past and future. They are modern, practical, and quite unique.

Taller Heels and Platforms

One thing that you can guarantee will help you to make a statement are the tall and luxurious heels and platformed shoes that are making their appearance on runways this year. The heels are now higher than ever before and with platforms to help accommodate the height of the heel, women will be several inches taller in no time. Designers such as Calvin Klein and Prada are showing how platforms can be beautiful and convenient.


As with every fashion season, booties are back in style. Whether in fur, leather, or even suede, you can adorn these shoes with relatively any outfit and look fashionable while feeling comfortable.