5 Dangers of Fashionable Shoes

Fashionable shoes are everywhere and with the right pair of shoes, you can completely revitalize an outfit. Whether you want to dress up casual clothes or if you want to dress down an outfit with flats, shoes are an incredibly versatile accessory that every man and woman should use to their advantage. With that being said, there are dangers to fashionable shoes, not only in terms of the health of your feet, but also in regards to your wallet. Below are some important things to consider before you decide to splurge on designer fashions to wear on your feet on a daily basis.

  • The Health of Your Feet

The first danger associated with finding fashionable footwear is the fact that the majority of styles may be dangerous for your feet. Remember, the primary objective of designers is to create pieces of clothing and accessories that are on-trend, instead of articles that are approved by podiatrists. This is where an ample amount of problems can come into play as you may find yourself focussed on the idea of looking good, instead of the reality of protecting your feet. After years of wearing fashionable footwear, you may find yourself only able to wear running shoes or shoes with supportive features.

  • Suffering From Blisters

Aside from the overall health of your feet, blisters are another common issue associated with wearing fashionable pairs of shoes. In reality, any pair of shoes can give you blisters, but fashionable footwear is generally so stiff that it is difficult to break them in to be comfortable. Buying jumping castle hire Melbourne can be an ordeal, especially when you can’t try them on. After wearing a particular pair of shoes for an extended period of time, your feet could start to produce small blisters which may eventually burst and become extremely painful to walk in. There are products that you can buy to avoid this problem, but it is incredibly common.

  • Expenses

Fashionable footwear is generally much more expensive than other types of shoes, which is another reason as to why they are dangerous. You could find yourself spending thousands of dollars on a few pairs of shoes because they are in style or have been seen on the feet of celebrities around the world. Instead, you could rely on less popular brands of shoes and save an ample amount of money. With that being said, if you have the funds to afford the habit of buying fashionable shoes, it may not affect your financial standing.

  • The Evolution of the Foot

The first thing that men and women should take into consideration when they are contemplating whether to buy these types of shoes or not is how the human foot has evolved over time. Podiatrists around the world have conducted their own studies to see what type of damage fashionable shoes, such as high heels, can inflict on the feet. When your foot is x-rayed while wearing heels, the ball of your foot is essentially at a 90 degree angle in coordination with the rest of your bones in the foot, something that isn’t natural. When you begin to notice that your feet are hurting from wearing heels, it’s probably because human feet haven’t evolved that way to assist with walking. We are supposed to walk heel-to-toe and when you wear fashionable footwear, you are altering the way that your feet move.

  • Calluses and Corns

Alongside the detriments associated with blisters, calluses and corns are two other problems that you may experience from wearing particular types of shoes. These are hard balls of keratin that build up under the skin due to an excessive amount of pressure. Generally you will notice that these ailments will develop on the balls of your feet, especially in high heels, as this is where the most of the pressure in your feet will go. Without proper treatment, you may find that the calluses and corns will cause inflammation in your joints or even pinched nerves.

Ensuring that you take proper care of your feet is the first step to being responsible and to avoiding harmful fashionable footwear. There are many dangers, ranging from overspending to overexerting your body and putting an ample amount of pressure on your feet, all of which should be avoided.